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The East side of Tucson runs about three steps slower than the rest of the town. Traffic is a bit lighter and there are more family-owned businesses. I always thought it was a great place to live with easy access to Davis Monthan Air Force base, hence the many Air Force personnel living in this area. When you drive East to work in the mornings the sun is at your back, and the same is true when you drive home at the end of the day.   The East side of Tucson has plenty of recreational opportunities and you will always find something to do. Mountain Biking rocks, enjoy this video.

Nearby Amenities & Activities

East Tucson, Arizona offers a range of amenities to its residents and visitors. Here are some amenities you can find in East Tucson:

  1. Parks and Outdoor Spaces: East Tucson has several parks and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy recreational activities. Udall Park is a popular destination with amenities such as sports fields, tennis courts, a fitness center, and walking trails. Jesse Owens Park and Morris K. Udall Regional Park are also worth exploring.

  2. Shopping and Dining:  Park Place Mall is a large shopping destination with numerous stores, restaurants, and a movie theater. The nearby Broadway Village Shopping Center and El Con Mall also provide a range of retail and dining options.

  3. Medical Facilities:  Tucson Medical Center (TMC) is a major hospital in the area, offering a wide range of medical services. Additionally, there are various clinics, doctors' offices, and specialist centers located throughout East Tucson.

  4. Golf Courses: If you enjoy golfing, East Tucson has a few golf courses to choose from. Rolling Hills Golf Course and Dorado Golf Course are popular options in the area. These courses offer challenging layouts and beautiful views.

  5. Libraries: The East Tucson area has libraries where residents can access resources and participate in community events. The Martha Cooper Branch Library and the Sam Lena-South Tucson Library are both located in East Tucson and offer a range of services and programs.

  6. Community Centers: East Tucson has community centers that provide recreational activities, fitness facilities, and classes. The Udall Recreation Center is a notable facility in the area, offering a variety of programs for people of all ages.

  7. Cultural and Entertainment Venues: The Gaslight Theatre, located in East Tucson, is a popular entertainment venue known for its live musical comedies. It offers a unique and lively experience for visitors. Additionally, the Tucson Botanical Gardens in the area provide a serene setting to explore nature and enjoy various events and exhibits.

  8. Schools and Education: East Tucson is home to a number of schools and educational institutions, including public schools and private academies. The University of Arizona's Tech Park is also located in the eastern part of Tucson, fostering innovation and research in various fields.