Selling January 17, 2023

Professional Photography, Does it Matter?

So today with the entire world on the internet, professional photography is the cornerstone to the entire marketing program.  Over 93% of all buyers start their search for a new home on the internet. So, basically everyone starts on the internet and then those buyers will engage a Real Estate Agent help with the purchase of the property 86% of the time.

In the day or the internet, fantastic pictures get the attention of prospective buyers and make a significant impact on my marketing activities.  If you are not getting professional photography chances are your marketing activity will have demished returns. When you list your home with me you get professional photography and the great pictures are the beginning of the process to getting your home marketed and sold.  There is so much more that goes in the process of selling a property, so pick up the phone and “let’s talk “.

Thank You and please, Enjoy your day.